Visits From The Afterlife During the Dreamstate

Most people have heard of lucid dreaming that ability to wake up within a dream and control the events of the dream. this takes practice but is something that we are all able to do, or so say the lucid dreamers.

Another type of dream that is less talked about but one that many people have had are visitation dreams. A visitation dream is one in which someone you have known who has crossed over comes to visit you, they spend anywhere from a brief few minutes to the whole night with you and when you awake the feeling of the dream lasts on. You notice how the sensations in the dream were all heightened, the colors more vibrant, and it has the feeling of being so real.

The reason why things are this way in a dream of this nature is because the loved one has actually visited you, on the other side. You have astrally travelled to a place with them, and shared the visit. This is the closest thing we can know while incarnated to what life is like on the other side. That is a happy thought because in these dreams we always have a feeling of wellness, of happiness, we attribute it to the person we are visiting with but it is also our re-connection with the other side and our truly feeling at home.

These brief but very insightful glimpses into our life on the other side and the beautiful bonds we have with those we love are reason to feel unconditionally loved and loving towards not just those we know personally but to everyone, for it is with everyone we are joined and sharing this collective experience, this journey called life.

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