You Are God

As I understand it, the fact that we are all God, was one of the secret teachings of Jesus. Secret teachings of course being those teachings that the average student is not ready to hear, it takes a student with a certain spiritual acumen to grasp secret teachings. Yet, we live in an age of awakening and many secret teachings have come to the surface and have been shared into mainstream society today. I feel that those who are not ready for them do not resonate with them, one day they will, in another lifetime.

You are God, it is your birthright, you are a divine being having a temporary experience as this body, this collection of experiences that make up your life. They are by no means the end or the beginning to your extraordinary soul.. You have an innate connection to your Mother and Father God one that you can only obscure, but never sever. We obscure this connection when we think of ourselves as separate from Creator and others. We become polarized, believing that our suffering is greater than others or at least not able to extend ourselves to others let alone God. We walk in a mist of suffering, forgetting who we are.

Remembering is like opening the curtains in a dark room and allowing the sunshine to pour in, this light existed all along right before your eyes. This light is your connection to your Father and Mother the ultimate realization is to know this, to be this and to remember this each and every day for yourself and for everyone else.

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